13 Beard Gifts for Him - Thoughtfully Curated for Any Occasion

13 Beard Gifts for Him - Thoughtfully Curated for Any Occasion

Finding the perfect beard gift for that important man in your life is a heartful gesture that he’ll truly appreciate. Imagine the surprise when you present them with a gift that not only matches his unique style but also shows that you’ve noticed the pride he takes in caring for his beard!

In this guide, we’ve thoughtfully curated a selection of beard gifts for him that will enhance your favorite guy’s daily grooming experience and add a touch of pampering to his routine. He’ll be reminded of you and your loving gift every time he grooms his beard!

The Best Beard Gifts for Him

From premium grooming products to high-end accessories, here are the best gifts for bearded guys, no matter the occasion. Whether it’s a birthday gift, holiday gift, or simply a thoughtful gesture, we’ve handpicked a range of gifts that every beardsman will remember and appreciate for months to come.

1. Badass Beard Oil

    Elevate his grooming routine with Badass Beard Oil. Our carefully formulated blend is available in a variety of manly scents, from warm bourbon and vanilla to mango and beachwood, making it the ideal beard gift for any season

    Our beard oil is an essential in every beardsman toolkit, featuring premium, all-natural ingredients to keep both facial hair and the underlying skin hydrated and healthy. It’s the secret to a soft, well-maintained beard he’ll be proud of!

    Beard Oil Products

    2. Beard Wash and Conditioner Combo

      Searching for the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite beardsman? Our Beard Wash and Conditioner Combo is a gift that stands out. Crafted with top-tier, all-natural ingredients, it hydrates, conditions, and softens the beard, without stripping the skin’s natural oils. 

      Choose from a variety of year-round and seasonal scents to match any occasion or personality. Ensuring that his beard is always clean, fresh, and irresistibly touchable is a gift you can both appreciate!

      Beard Wash and Conditioner Combo

      3. Beard Oil & Beard Balm Combo

      The Badass Beard Oil and Beard Balm Combo, elegantly presented in a black velour gift pouch, is a true standout. This thoughtful gift set includes two everyday beard essentials: beard oil for softening and beard balm for taming flyaways and promoting healthy beard growth!

      You have the freedom to mix and match fragrance choices, or even go unscented, according to your guy's unique preferences. Not sure what scent he likes? Our Ultimate Trial Kit includes travel sizes of our beard oil and beard balm in 12 different scents so he can try them all!

      Beard Oil & Beard Balm Combo

      4. Complete Beard Care Kit

      If your guy is deeply committed to beard care, the Complete Beard Care Kit is the ultimate choice! This comprehensive set includes our signature beard oil, beard balm, beard butter, Hog Wash, and beard conditioner, all available in his preferred scent.

      It’s everything a bearded man needs for maintaining healthy facial hair and skin, along with a fuller, thicker, well-groomed beard that gets all the right attention!

      Complete Beard Care Kit

      5. The Loaded Badass Canvas Travel Bag

        For bearded gentleman on the go, the Loaded Badass Canvas Travel Bag makes the perfect gift for Christmas, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion!

        Fully customizable, this bearded man’s gift set includes all the essentials for a well-groomed look, neatly packed in a waxed canvas and leather travel bag. With room for all the essentials and more, it’s just what every beardsman needs for well-groomed adventures.

        See The Canvas Travel Bag In Action:

        6. The Loaded Product Caddy

          The Loaded Product Caddy is the quintessential beard care gift for discerning beardsmen who want all their essentials within arm’s reach. Featuring a handcrafted, solid Bamboo caddy with non-slip pads, this set makes a stylish statement on any bathroom vanity.

          The Loaded Product Caddy holds everything your guy needs to maintain a well-groomed beard. Short on counter space? Check out the compact version for an equally stylish solution!

          Watch Our Breakdown of the Full Size & Compact Caddy:

          7. The Bearded Man’s Bugout Bag

            Fully loaded and ready to move, the Bearded Man’s Bugout Bag is the perfect gift for bearded guys who like to be prepared.

            Packed with beard wash, conditioner, oil, beard balm, premium grooming tools, and more, it’s a fully loaded and customizable gift that comes neatly packaged in our Canvas Travel Bag with Leather Accents. It’s the perfect gift for bearded adventurers who demand top-notch grooming essentials, no matter where they are.

            Beard Bugout Bag

            8. Badass Beard Essentials Kit

              The Badass Beard Essentials Kit is precisely what it sounds like - a must-have for any bearded man. This no-nonsense kit includes our wooden beard comb, Boars hair beard brush, beard oil, and beard balm, butter, or wax in your guy’s favorite fragrance. It’s a simple, no-frills solution for proper beard care and maintenance, ensuring that his beard always looks and feels its best.

              9. Badass Beard Growth Kit

                Every bearded man dreams of growing a thicker, fuller, healthier beard. Designed to maximize beard growth potential, the Badass Beard Growth Kit includes Chuck’s Essentials Multivitamin and a selection of beard care products tailored to your guy’s preferences.

                If he’s struggling to grow a fuller beard and fill in those thinner areas, our Bearded Man’s Multivitamin is just what he needs to achieve a more impressive and captivating facial mane.

                10. Badass Beard Care Package

                  For the guy who prefers just the basics without all the fuss, our Badass Beard Care Package is a solid choice. It comes with our Badass Beard Oil, Beard Balm or Wax, and the beard comb of your choice. Customize your scents for a thoughtful gift that suits any occasion! It’s a straightforward, yet highly appreciated, beard care gift for any occasion.

                  11. Beard Care Accessory Kit

                    For the beardsman who values a well-groomed man mane, consider our Beard Care Accessory Kit. Featuring a beard brush and beard comb, along with your choice of precision beard trimming scissors, this kit includes the high-quality beard care accessories every beardsman needs to shape and style their beard.

                    With customizable options to suit every beard length and type, our Beard Care Accessory Kit is the perfect gift for bearded men who value a well-groomed, neatly styled beard.

                    12. Don’t Fear the Beard T-Shirt

                      For the bearded guy who already has all his beard care essentials, consider our “Don’t Fear the Beard” T-shirt! With a comfortable, throwback design and a patriot message, this t-shirt is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons! It’s a statement that proudly supports your guy’s favorite beard care brand!

                      13. Gift Certificate

                        Unsure about your favorite beardsman’s preferences? Or, maybe he lives far away? We’ve got you covered! A Badass Beard Care gift card is the perfect last-minute gift idea for any guy with a beard, no matter the occasion. 

                        You choose the amount and theme, and we’ll deliver your personalized gift card by email, along with easy instructions for redemption, at no extra cost. It’s the gift of choice, ensuring that he gets exactly what he wants.

                        How to Choose the Best Gifts for Bearded Guys

                        Selecting gifts for guys with beards may take a bit of forethought, but it’s worth the effort. To ensure your gift is thoughtful and memorable, consider the following tips:

                        • Consider the Occasion: Customize your gift according to the occasion! We suggest our Holiday Scent with festive notes of orange, chocolate, and peppermint for Christmas, the Royal Knight with hints of Earl Grey tea, lavender, and vanilla for Valentine’s Day, or the Biker with the bold, manly scent of sweet tobacco, black pepper, and vanilla for Father’s Day. See our seasonal offerings and full scent list for more ideas!
                        • Think About His Beard Care Routine: Some bearded guys take their beard care seriously, while others prefer a straightforward approach. If you know he likes to spend time maintaining his beard, opt for a Complete Beard Care Kit. If he’s more of a wash-and-go sort of guy, consider practical gifts like our signature beard oil accompanied by our Beard Wash and Conditioner combo.
                        • Keep Things Simple with a Beard Care Gift Set: Our thoughtfully curated Beard Care Gift Sets, Kits, and Bundles offer an easy solution for any occasion. They come beautifully packaged, making the gift-giving experience memorable and enjoyable.

                        Wrapping Up Your Gifting Journey with Badass Beard Care

                        Choosing the right beard gift can enhance your guy’s daily grooming experience and make him feel pampered and valued.

                        Shop the Badass Beard Care store for even more thoughtful beard gift ideas! Each Badass Beard Care product and accessory is crafted with care and quality in mind and is sure to leave a lasting reminder of your love and consideration.

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