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Bristles 100% boars hair HANDLE Hardwood Description The Black Series Contoured Beard Brush is a masterpiece! The hardwood frame is painted gloss black with a metalic silver logo. The brush is carved to be ergonomically shaped to not just fit your palm but also the curve of your face and jaw. Grooves have been carved...
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Bristles 100% Boars Hair FRAME Hardwood Description The Black Series Beard Brush with Handle is great for those guys who fumble through their mornings and need a brush with a grip to drag through their beard in their half awake mission for a Badass Beard! The frame is hardwood and is painted black with a...
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Recommended for: Shorter beards Bristles: 100% soft boars hair Handle: Bamboo Description Our Badass Beard Brush is made with 100% pure boars hair and a lightweight bamboo handle. The bristles are designed to be gentle on the skin while cleaning and polishing the hair, and they are completely static free. This brush won't feel stiff...
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Bristles Bamboo HANDLE Bamboo Description The Wood Bristle Beard Brush takes brushing to a whole new level and allows you to brush your beard out while it's still wet! The bamboo bristles are anti-static and they are bowed out and placed inside an air pocket to allow the bristles to flex, which gets tangles and knots...