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100% Genuine Ox Horn: Static Free High Grade Stainless Steel: Compact and Durable Description The Black Series - Folding Ox Horn Comb is the newest addition to the Badass Beard Care tool lineup. The fine teeth are hand carved, sanded, and polished from a solid piece of premium ox-horn which eliminates snags and static electricity. The teeth...
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100% Ox Horn & Sandalwood: Static Free Handmade: Every Comb is Unique Description What could be better than our Sandalwood Beard Comb and our Ox Horn Beard Comb you ask? This new beard comb using both!  The spine of the comb is made with hand carved Australian Sandalwood, and then sanded and engraved.  The teeth...
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100% Ox Horn: Static Free Handmade: Every Comb is Unique Description Our new 100% ox horn beard comb will blow you away! This comb is hand carved from a solid piece of horn; then the grip and teeth are shaped, sanded, polished, and laser engraved to make every one of these combs completely unique and...
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Description Our wide tooth wood beard comb is hand carved from Australian Sandalwood, sanded, and engraved. It has a subtle rich woodsy scent that blends well with all of our oils and balms. This comb is a must-have for curly and dense beards to untangle, smooth, and spread beard oil and balm to help sculpt...
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Description Our Badass Wood Comb is made from one solid piece of walnut hardwood and is perfectly pocket sized! The teeth have been hand sanded to ensure effortless and snag free combing for your badass beard. The beveled design of this comb creates a very strong and durable frame while the teeth take advantage of...
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Description Our Badass Skull Beard Pick is beautifully crafted out of a zinc aluminum alloy for a light weight and strong product. The comb measures 3" wide x 4.5" long and fits perfectly into a pocket. The beard pick comes shipped in a black velour bag to keep it looking good! There are 2 color...