Charlie's Gift Ideas

"This is my favorite gift because you receive + 15 individually packaged items, so you know they'll find a scent they love!"

"The Travel Bag is amazing and you get Badass deals when you load it with your favorite products"

"Our Gold Scissors are sharp, extremely high quality and packed in a Badass protective case.. very deserving as a top tier gift. Just check the reviews!"

Recommended Essentials

Set Them Up with the Essentials for a healthy & well groomed beard



Beard Man's Multi-Vitamin

Badass Beard Brush

Stocking Stuffers

Fill His Stocking with a Badass Gift this Christmas

Fine Tooth Beard Comb

Our most popular beard comb

Folding Comb

Premium Beard Comb + Bottle Opener

Trial Packs

Choose from 13 Different Scents

Patches, Stickers & Tumblers

Tumblers, Patches and More


Shop our newest arrivals, including Utilitay Cologne and New Scents!

The Pharaoh

Sweet Amber Musk

Camo Zip-Up Hoodie

Comfy Mid-weight Design

The Surfer

Mango & Beachwood

Badass Utility Cologne

Long Lasting Multifuncional Body Spray