Have The Best Decem-beard With The Holiday

Have The Best Decem-beard With The Holiday

Badass Beard Care’s newest scent for this special time of the year is “The Holiday!” We blended the sweet scents of orange and chocolate with the minty scent of a candy cane! You know your wife or significant other would love cuddling up to you even more with this scent in your beard. (Hint, hint, send a link to significant other now...it’s like a Christmas gift for both of you!)

Don’t believe this is the most Badass holiday smell around? Here are a few things real bearded Badasses and ladies are saying about The Holiday scent!

“My wife loves the mild citrus scent!”

“The Holiday balm/oil was the best one yet. Smelled amazing and my husband loved the way it tingled on his face.”

“I’m glad I purchased this balm. The scent is awesome, my whole family liked it. A great holiday addition.”

“I haven’t found a scent I don’t like but when the holiday arrived, oh man did all other scents fall by the wayside. Not only is the quality outstanding, not only does it take care of the beard, but my god it smells amazing all day long! If I had to recommend just one, it would be this one!”

So there you have it—Our customers LOVE the Holiday scent (and the ladies love it, too!) The Holiday scent is available in beard oilbeard balmbeard wax and Chuck’s Hog Wash. The Holiday scent won’t be around long, so pick up your favorite beard care products while you can!

Here are some of our best-sellers:

Holiday Beard Oil Holiday Beard Balm Holiday Beard Wax

Want to try The Holiday for free? Check out our free sample page and select “The Holiday” scent!

On behalf of everyone at Badass Beard Care, we hope you have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Thanks for the support, Badasses.


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