The History of Badass Beard Care

The History of Badass Beard Care

Hey guys! For our first blog post, we want to tell the story of Badass Beard Care!

Badass Beard Care was founded by Charlie and Ashley Moyer in September of 2014. Charlie spent 10 years in the US Coast Guard as a Gunners Mate, with 5 years as a Boarding Officer and 4 years as an EMT. Ashley was a registered nurse and also a LTJG in the Navy Reserves. Charlie had planned to make the USCG a career and lateral into a career in law enforcement after 20 years of service. A severe injury abruptly ended his career and put an end to any chance of a career in LE, which had been the focus of both his training and college education. At a cross roads, the only thing Charlie knew he wanted to do was grow out his "freedom beard" in honor of his late father who was bearded for as long as Charlie was alive. Charlie decided to go back to school to get a degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. It wasn't long before Ashley told him to get his beard softer and under control, or shave it off! Charlie couldn't find anything beard specific in health stores and ended up at a specialty store at the mall where he found a 1/2 ounce jar of beard wax for $25. He reluctantly purchased the wax but soon found that the ingredients contained nothing more than wax, petroleum, paint thinner, and alcohol based scent. He decided he could do better and started to make his own. During this time, he was spending his breaks at school hanging out at the veterans center on campus and noticed that every vet there had also decided to grow out their beards. Making his own products and experimenting with different scent combinations meant he had extra, so he put the balm and oil in small sample containers and brought it to school to give out. Not long after, the vets started taking orders for room mates, friends, and family. They were also the first ones to encourage him to start selling his products online. Word of mouth started to drive visitors to his website and soon after, he left school to focus on building Badass Beard Care. Fast forward 14 months and Badass Beard Care now employs 10 people, all of whom are passionate about what they do! Every aspect of the business, including production, shipping, and customer service is done by us in our shop in El Dorado Hills, Ca.

Thank you for taking the time to find out about your favorite beard care company! We look forward to this Holiday season with our amazing customers and to a lifetime of bearded bliss!

Beard on, you Badasses!

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