How to Use Mustache Wax for a Polished Look That Lasts

How to Use Mustache Wax for a Polished Look That Lasts

Do you know what distinguishes a good mustache from a great one? The answer is styling! Your mustache is not only a sign of sophistication but also a display of your individuality and timeless masculinity. It reflects your unique personality.

But, keeping those unruly mustache hairs under control can be challenging. Fortunately, mustache wax offers the ideal solution! It has the ability to tame stubborn, coarse hairs and hold them in place. Additionally, it contains nourishing ingredients such as beeswax that can help to soften and enhance the health of each strand.

Pair it with a mustache comb and a neatly trimmed mustache, and you’ve got everything you need to take your mustache from good to great! In this blog post, we’ll dive headfirst into the art of using mustache wax for a polished look that stays put all day.

How to Apply Mustache Wax

Let’s start with the basics of how to apply mustache wax step-by-step.

Step 1: Clean and Dry Your Mustache

Give your mustache a gentle shampoo with beard wash and pat it dry with a clean towel. A fresh start and dry mustache help to ensure that the wax adheres properly and holds its shape throughout the day.

Step 2: Warm and Soften the Wax

A little goes a long way! Start with just a sliver of wax and rub it between your forefingers in a circular motion. Allow the heat from your hands to warm and soften the wax. This will make it more pliable and easier to work with.

Step 3: Apply the Wax to Your Mustache

Now, begin applying the wax to your mustache, starting from the center and pulling and pinching your way outwards with your thumbs and forefingers. Be sure to coat each hair from root to tip, ensuring complete coverage for the best results.

Step 4: Style Your Mustache

Once the wax is evenly distributed throughout your mustache, you’re ready to shape and style the hair. You can use your fingers or a mustache comb to coax your hair into the desired shape. If you’re new to styling your mustache, we recommend keeping it simple with a center part and the hairs pointing downward and outward on each side. We’ll cover some more creative styles later!

Step 5: Finishing Touches

You’re almost there! Take a moment to admire your handiwork. If you notice any stray hairs or flyaways, simply add a tiny bit more wax to those areas and refine your masterpiece. Remember, it’s all about the details. Now is the time to ensure that every hair is right where you want it!

Mustache Wax - Lid Off

How to Remove Mustache Wax

Once you’ve rocked your impeccably styled mustache all day long, it’s time to remove your mustache wax. The removal process is simple and hassle-free. Here’s how to do it.

Simply warm a clean washcloth under warm water and gently hold it against your mustache for about 30 seconds to soften the wax. Then, apply a few drops of beard shampoo to your fingertips and massage it gently into your mustache, all the way to the roots.

Rinse your mustache thoroughly, then take a mustache comb and gently comb through your mustache to remove any remaining wax. Pat dry and apply beard oil to keep your mustache hair healthy, soft, and manageable.

Mustache Wax Styling Tips and Techniques

You don’t have to wait until your mustache is super long to style it. Sure, certain styles will require more length, but you can achieve an intentional, well-groomed style with just a few weeks’ worth of growth. 

As long as the hairs are long enough to coax to the side, rather than sticking straight out, you can style your stache for a more sophisticated look. Here are some of our favorite mustache styles and techniques to try, depending on the length of your stache and the look you’re going for.

Classic Mustache Styles

  • The Handlebar: Channel your inner gentleman with the timeless elegance of a classic handlebar mustache. To achieve this look, comb your mustache outwards and upwards from the corners of your mouth. Add a dab of mustache wax on each end and use your thumb and pointer finger to create those iconic curled tips.
  • The English Style: Suave and sophisticated, the English style is characterized by a neatly trimmed mustache that follows the lip line. To style, simply apply a tiny amount of mustache wax evenly throughout your beard and comb straight down to achieve a refined appearance.
  • The Chevron: This bold and powerful style features a thick, straight mustache that extends all the way across the upper lip. It’s styled similarly to the English style, but you’ll use a more generous amount of mustache wax for a sleek and structured look.

Mustache Styling Wax - Lid Off

Creative Mustache Styles

  • The Fu Manchu: Embrace your inner rebel with the Fu Manchu style! To get the look, allow the mustache hairs to grow longer at the corners of your mouth. Twist the ends downward and apply mustache wax to maintain the distinctive shape.
  • The Dali: Named after the famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali, this style is all about dramatic flair. To achieve the look, allow the ends of your mustache to grow, and curl them upwards toward your cheekbones, creating a whimsical and artistic look. Mustache wax is the secret to achieving those gravity-defying curls.
  • The Walrus: For those who prefer a full and robust mustache, the walrus style is a perfect choice, Let your mustache grow long and thick, using a generous amount of mustache wax to keep it tidy and under control.

Maintaining Your Styled Mustache

Here are a few quick and easy tips for maintaining your mustache style.

  • Regular Trimming: To keep your styled mustache looking sharp, be sure to trim it regularly. Use small, sharp scissors to trim any stray hairs and maintain the desired length of your mustache.
  • Daily Maintenance: Comb and brush your mustache daily to help distribute the natural oils and keep the hairs soft and manageable. 
  • Touch-Ups on the Go: Keep a small tin of mustache wax handy for quick touch-ups throughout the day. 

What’s the Best Mustache Wax?

When it comes to choosing the best mustache wax, there are several factors to consider. First, the hold strength of a mustache determines how well it can tame and shape your mustache. What you want is a wax that provides excellent control, but still looks natural.

The ingredients in your mustache wax also play a crucial role in its performance. Look for a wax that’s made from natural and nourishing ingredients, such as beeswax, jojoba oil, shea butter, and essential oils. Avoid products with harsh chemicals, which can irritate your skin and damage your mustache.

Choosing a mustache wax with a scent that reflects your personality can add an extra touch of enjoyment to your grooming routine. A good mustache wax should also have a smooth and workable texture that’s easy to distribute evenly throughout your mustache. Avoid waxes that are too sticky or clumpy, making it challenging to achieve your desired style.

Baddass Stache Wax ticks all the boxes with a petroleum-free formula made from natural ingredients like beeswax, lanolin, and botanical oils. It has a mild, masculine citrus, pine, and honey scent that pairs well with other oils and balms while providing a medium hold that looks and feels natural.

For a firmer hold and more gravity-defying styles, we suggest Badass Styling Wax. It’s made with all-natural waxes and oils and provides a stronger hold for styling and curling. Its mild, natural honey scent is great on its own or paired with our other beard care products.

Mustache Wax FAQ

What is Mustache Wax?

Mustache wax is a grooming product that’s used to style and control mustache hair. It’s a firm, waxy substance made primarily from natural ingredients like beeswax and carrier oils. When applied to the mustache, it provides hold, shape, and control, allowing the wearer to sculpt their mustache into various styles. 

Why Use Mustache Wax?

If you’ve never used mustache wax before, you may be wondering if you really need it. Remember that mustache wax is, first and foremost, a styling product. Mustache wax offers a stronger hold than beard balm and delivers long-lasting control to keep your style in place all day.

It’s the ideal tool for achieving more gravity-defying mustache styles, but it can also be a lifesaver for any guy who struggles with flyaways and stray mustache hairs. Here’s a quick look at the benefits of mustache wax to help you decide if it’s right for you.

  • Taming Those Wild Hairs: You may have noticed that mustache hairs have a mind of their own. They love to curl in all directions, sabotaging your best grooming efforts. With just a dab of mustache wax, you can wrangle unruly hairs into submission and bring symmetry to your mustache.
  • Shaping and Defining Your Style: Mustache wax allows you to sculpt your mustache into any style or shape your heart desires. Whether you prefer a classic handlebar or a subtle English style, mustache wax gives you the holding power you need to shape your facial masterpiece and showcase your unique personality.
  • All Day Hold: Have you ever wondered how some men keep their mustaches looking impeccable all day long? Mustache wax is the secret to that long-lasting, polished appearance. Wind, heat, and even humidity don’t stand a chance against the powerful hold of mustache wax.

How is Mustache Wax Different from Beard Balm?

Mustache wax has a high wax content, giving it a firmer texture to maximize hold and shape. On the other hand, beard balm is made primarily from butters and oils so it has a softer consistency. It’s used primarily to soften the hair, hydrate the skin, and tame flyaways.

So, how do you choose? Mustache wax is the perfect choice when you need to tame unruly mustache hairs or want more hold for complicated styles. Beard balm is ideal for nourishing the hair, leaving it with a healthy sheen, and eliminating flyaways.

But it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Mustache wax and beard balm can also be used together for added benefits. Simply apply beard balm first to condition your mustache, then use mustache wax to create and define your look. If you’re also beard oil, it comes before balm or wax!

Wrapping Up

Congratulations! You’re well on your way to sporting a dashing and well-groomed mustache that turns heads wherever you go. With the right mustache wax in your grooming toolkit and the skills you’ve acquired, you’re fully equipped to perfect a style that resonates with your personality.

When you’re ready to experience the awesomeness of mustache wax for yourself, give Badass Mustache Wax a try! Made with all-natural beeswax, butters, and oils, our petroleum-free waxes provide the level of hold you need while still looking and feeling natural and soft.

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