Badass Beard Wax - The Viking


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Scent Profile:
Siberian Fir, Orange & Clove
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Use to deep condition, style, protect, and add a fuller appearance

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The Viking Badass Beard Wax has been treasured by the keepers of Valhalla for centuries and given as a gift to only the most deserving of the bearded warriors to grace those halls. Well no more! We won the rights to this glorious scent from Odin himself in a game of high stakes poker. What could we have wagered for such high stakes? Every single one of our red beard hairs, thats what. We love our customers that much! This unique refreshing blend is clean and outdoorsy, with an uplifting undertone of citrus and spice. It's a scent fit for a warrior and a lover!

Our 2oz Badass Beard Wax comes in 13 scents and is the perfect balance between a beard balm and a mustache wax! It is harder than the beard balm, but melts on skin contact quickly and applies easily. Badass Beard Wax will soften and tame just like the balm, but gives your beard some added weight and styling capabilities for beards that need a little extra hold. The wax will also leave your beard looking and feeling more dense!

Key differences between balm and wax:

Balm- soft consistency, light natural hold, beard looks natural, healthy, and well kept. Applies effortlessly to hair and skin and absorbs quickly so you don't notice anything in your beard. Best for daily use for a healthy beard.

Wax- medium to hard consistency, thicker feel, medium natural hold, beard looks styled. Lanolin has been added to the formula to offset the higher wax content and still provide deep conditioning properties. Harder to apply all the way to the skin and absorbs slowly. Best for styling before going out for the night, or for a deep conditioning after a long day in the elements.

Both the balm and wax can be used at the same time, just use the balm first to strengthen the hair and condition the skin. Then apply the wax for a well groomed, styled look.

All natural ingredients - Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, lanolin, coconut oil, Apricot kernel oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, pure vitamin E oil, Orange Oil, Fir Needle Oil, Tangerine Oil, Clove Oil, Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus Oil, and Rosemary Oil.



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Douglas K.
United States United States

Small size

Wasn’t nothing to write home about. Smell was nice. I can buy bigger product size at my local store with equal quality

Michael R.
United States United States

Great stuff

Great experience..I have been a mad Viking customer for a long time wife found you guys on line and said I should give it a try since "I'm a bad ***" how the strong hold is ...really holds up to our houseboat rides ..made a repeat customer out of me..told her too get me more for Xmas..thank you

Timothy S.
United States United States


I have been using B.A.B.C. products solid for about 6 months now. I did use to bounce around a lot looking for a good company. After trying their Balm and oil I ended up buying a travel kit with a few other products. I am now using their viking scented oil, butter, balm, and beard wax daily with the brush that came with my kit I got a while ago. I just recently purchased their hog wash and was extremly happy with it. I will never look around again and am set with B.A.B.C. I finally created an account and now am considering their membership. Not only do I and my wife enjoy the scent, but there products aren't greasy in your beard hours later. None of the products I use cause me to itching there is no flaking when I use the recently purchased folding comb from them as well lol. I uses to use their balm as a jell but decided to try the wax out finally. Only because I believed I would have a longer lasting shape although the balm is surprisingly good. I use the oil, butter, and wax every morning and work 10 hour days with no problem. Using the hog wash after work and then applying the oil followed by the balm for the night I still keep an "extremly soft beard" as my wife would say. In conclusion I would HIGHLY recommend any of B.A.B.C. products to any guy I know that wants to always have a soft, shapped, itch free, clean beard all day.

Badass Beard Care Badass Beard Wax - The Viking ReviewBadass Beard Care Badass Beard Wax - The Viking Review
Doug S.
United States United States

The Viking

Amazing smell, like you would expect from any of their products. Customer service is probably the best in the business. Will never buy from anyone else. Beard On !!!!

Chris G.
United States United States

It was like 8 pm when I went to the mailbox and was like a kid in a candystore! Ripped it open and actually felt like a badass viking! Great smell lots of hold

Badass Beard Wax - The Viking$19.99