Badass Butterfly Comb

Best for:
Short beards / head hair
Stainless steel
Black or silver

Don't be caught using a cheap plastic comb. That's just not badass enough for a beard of your stature, and plastic is just not the right tool for the job. Comb your beard with confidence with our Badass Butterfly Comb! The Badass Butterfly Comb is designed after butterfly (balisong) knives and can be used as a "trainer" for the real knife while you comb your beard! This is NOT a cheap imitation. The frame and comb are both 100% stainless steel and the screws have been set with Loctite to make this comb extremely durable. The comb comes in a beautiful satin black finish or a bare stainless steel finish. This comb can also be found packaged in our starter packs and gift sets. This comb is not recommended for use with longer beards due to the short teeth, but can be used for mustache and beard hair as well. Using an oil or balm before combing is always recommended to reduce tugging and pulling of hairs. With a great beard, comes great responsibility. Tame your man mane!