Only the BEST ingredients for your beard!

Only the BEST ingredients for your beard!

Posted by Badass Beard Care 15th Jun 2017

Ingredient Roll Call

By: BadassCactus

It's true when people say that you get what you pay for. Not all products are created equally! Badass Beard Care’s balms and oils use only all-natural, high quality ingredients. You might think to yourself, “Why does that matter? As long as my beard is looking badass, I’m good.” Well, let’s explore some ingredients that other brands use in their products and why the ingredients can really matter:

  • Turpentine Oil: Used as a paint thinner and industrial solvent, causes skin irritation. YES - this is really in a competitors product.
  • Silicone and silicone derivatives: Commonly used in mass produced hair and skin products for a temporary silky or slippery feel but does nothing for the actual health or long term conditioning of your hair.
  • Petroleum Jelly: The refining process uses carcinogenic material. It compounds on itself causing hair to become greasy and heavy. It blocks pores and causes break outs.
  • Alcohol: Artificial scents (often listed as fragrance) are created using alcohol, like perfumes and colognes, and are dehydrating and cause skin irritation; not to mention they are overpowering in scent. No one wants a dried out man-mane that smells like last night’s prom, right? If you see any products that have scents that are not found in nature (bubble gum, bourbon, fresh linen, etc) they are probably artificial.
  • Parabens: They are regularly used as a preservative in hygiene products, but have been found to cause dermatitis and skin sensitivity. Studies have also shown that Parabens mimic estrogen and can reduce sperm production…no thanks. Not my swimmers.
  • Formaldehyde: If you’ve seen pictures of a human brain floating in a jar then you’re familiar with this product. This product is a known skin irritant and can actually cause chemical burns. Who wants that on their face? BUT! In case that isn’t enough, Formaldehyde is also a known carcinogen. Seriously, these ingredients can be found in a lot of mass produced products.

Still good? Probably not. Let’s review; if you picked up the first beard care product you came across you’d risk:

  • Dry, irritated skin
  • Weak, split beard hairs
  • Exposure to carcinogenic material and overpowering scents

Badass Beard Care uses none of the above listed ingredients. Instead, we’ve decided give your face jacket the VIP treatment it deserves. Here are just a few beneficial ingredients found in every one of our balms (entire list) and oils (starting below beeswax):

  • Shea Butter: Natural nut extract from African shea tree. Used as a moisturizer for hair and skin. The nuts are crushed, roasted, and ground into a paste. Nothing added besides water. It also gives weight to the product to reduce those frustrating flyaway whiskers.
  • Cocoa Butter: Natural vegetable extract from the cocoa bean. Yes, the same one used in chocolate. It’s used for its moisturizing capability for hair and skin and its naturally pleasant scent. It also helps with taming rogue beard hairs and smooths imperfections.
  • Coconut Oil: Another natural extract, this time from the meat of a coconut. Coconut oil has properties that help extend the shelf life of products. It also acts as a conditioner for beard hairs, helping to soften and increase overall health. Coconut oil is able to penetrate the thickest beards and strengthen the roots as well.
  • Beeswax: Natural wax produced by honey bees. Beeswax is used to style beards as well as give them a natural shine. It has been found to be a superior, all-natural alternative to petroleum jelly.
  • Argan Oil: The natural oil produced by the kernels of the Argan tree. The kernels are extracted from a nut contained within the fruit produced by the Argan tree. They are dried, cracked, roasted, and pressed to produce the pure Argan Oil. This oil is used for a plethora of reasons: Softening hair, reducing skin irritation and acne, and moisturizing. The high Vitamin A and E content is what gives this oil its healing properties.
  • Vitamin E: speaking of the Vitamin E found in Argan oil, we’ve found that it is so important we added even more! Vitamin E stimulates healthy hair growth, it’ll help repair damaged hair follicles as well as give your flavor savor a nice healthy shine.
  • Jojoba Oil: Sounds like something that belongs in Star Wars, right? Jabba the Hutt’s illegitimate son? Actually, it is a liquid wax derived from the seed of the Jojoba plant. This oil is the closest thing to the natural oils secreted by your hair and skin and can be used as a conditioner. It controls oily skin, moisturizes, and even helps repair damaged hair and skin.
  • Apricot Oil: You guessed it, this oil is from the seed of the Apricot fruit. The main purpose of this oil is to soften the hair and sooth skin. It also has restorative properties similar to Argan oil as well. It is a very light oil and is also very healthy and has been used in treating damaged skin.
  • Tea Tree Oil: We’ve all heard about this one at some point or another. Tea Tree oil is pressed from the leaves of the Melaleuca plant. It is typically used as a powerful antiseptic which means it has powerful restorative properties. In our case, it will help heal damaged skin and balance natural oil production. Its also an antimicrobial so it acts as a deodorant, removing any unpleasant smells caused by bacteria, and helps to prevent bacterial infections from ingrown hairs.
  • Rosemary Oil: Perhaps the ingredient richest in antioxidants in our beard oil. Rosemary oil has been found to be the best stimulant for improving hair growth. It also helps reduce the amount of hair lost during the shampooing process. In addition to the amazing benefits to your hair, the antioxidants help to prolong the shelf life of the products. This is why we have rosemary in every single one of our products.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: Steam distilled from the leaves of the Eucalyptus plant, this oil is great for hair nourishment. It moisturizes and is even used to ward off lice; no one wants resident crawlers in whisker town. Eucalyptus oil also stimulates hair growth by keeping the existing hairs and follicles fit and healthy.
  • Essential Oils: Our scents are created using essential oils for an all natural, high quality scent that is sure to leave your beard healthy and smelling great!

The Badass difference is evident in the quality of ingredients and our dedication to high standards and customer service. We are so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime money back guarantee!

Beard on!