Badass Beard Wax - The Brewmaster *Seasonal Scent*

Tangerine, Grapefruit, Orange, and Siberian Fir
Scent Strength:
Holding Power:
Medium, Natural Hold
Use to tame fly aways, smooth hair, and deep condition

The Brewmaster is for all those who crave the craft beer scene and just can't get enough. Scented with tangerine, grapefruit and orange essential oils, our formula recreates your favorite citrus notes of craft beer and will have you cheering for another round.

Available March 1st - May 31st.

Our 2oz Badass Beard Wax comes in all 8 regular scents and is the perfect balance between a beard balm and a mustache wax! It is harder than the beard balm, but melts on skin contact quickly and applies easily. Badass Beard Wax will soften and tame just like the balm, but gives your beard some added weight and styling capabilities for beards that need a little extra hold. The wax will also leave your beard looking and feeling more dense! 
Key differences between balm and wax: 
Balm- soft consistency, light natural hold, beard looks natural, healthy, and well kept. Applies effortlessly to hair and skin and absorbs quickly so you don't notice anything in your beard. Best for daily use for a healthy beard. 
Wax- medium to hard consistency, thicker feel, medium natural hold, beard looks styled. Lanolin has been added to the formula to offset the higher wax content and still provide deep conditioning properties. Harder to apply all the way to the skin and absorbs slowly. Best for styling before going out for the night, or for a deep conditioning after a long day in the elements. 
Both the balm and wax can be used at the same time, just use the balm first to strengthen the hair and condition the skin. Then apply the wax for a well groomed, styled look.


Shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil, lanolin, tangerine oil, grape fruit oil, orange oil, and Siberian fir oil.